Armyworms Can Destroy Crops, Pastures, and Your Profits
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Armyworms are active NOW

The most common insect in crops and pastures is now running abundant. Armyworms are here and are expected to be around through early November.

Are your crops at risk? 

Armyworms prefer lush warm and cool season grasses, while grasshoppers feed on young, tender plant growth of numerous broadleaf and grassy plants. These voracious feeders can consume an entire crop almost overnight.

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It is critical to detect and treat infestations before economic damage occurs. You can effectively control Armyworms by using insecticide sprays and growth regulators as part of a tailored treatment program to meet your specific land requirements. Red River Specialties has a variety of products that we can select from to personalize your treatment plan. Reach out to us today, before it is too late!

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