Bahia Grass – A Tool or a Weed?

Do you currently utilize the Bahia Grass on your property as a tool to feed cattle? Or are you actively trying to get rid of it, because you consider it a weed?

The definition of a weed is: a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth.

Bahia Grass – The Downsides

In the majority of managed grass lands and turf, Bahia grass is considered a weed.

In the turf/lawn scenario, here are some downsides to Bahia:

  • More frequent mowing
  • Seeds travel well on lawn mowers from site to site
  • Increased wear on mower blades
  • Very aggressive plant that multiplies from root and seed

When looking at pasture lands, there is generally less production or tonnage per acre. It’s much more economical to defend against infestation ($6-$8 per acre) vs. dealing with reestablishment of Bermuda at $200+ per acre.

Bahia Grass – The Solution

Lucky for you, we have a solution. Cimarron Plus, by Bayer, will help fight off this weed, as well as aid in the reduction of broadleaf weeds.

Cimarron Plus

  • No grazing restrictions
  • May be tank-mixed with other pasture herbicides
  • Selective – will not harm many desirable grasses
$117.50 – 10oz bottle

If you need help selecting the proper solution to on your property, just reach out to us. We have knowledgable representatives across the country that can help with whatever weed you are trying to combat.

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