Improve Your Herbicides Performance with Elite Barren!

Rainstorms can be hard to predict, and it is unreasonable to guide your vegetation management based on the weather forecast. Multiple rain events can wash away your herbicide, giving weeds free range. Protect your active ingredients from these precipitation events with Elite Barren, an adjuvant that reduces leaching and runoff.

Elite Barren

Extend your bareground control

Elite Barren is a science-based adjuvant that improves the pre-and post-emergent applications of herbicides. Using Elite Barren in your tank mix increases deposition and holds fast in the soil profile. It keeps your active ingredient in place for an extended amount of time. Tests have shown that after 4 significant rain events, Elite Barren keeps your pesticide firmly located at the top of the soil, where it can do its job against weeds for a longer amount of time.

bareground control

The True Test

See for yourself how Elite Barren works to extend the residual control by holding the active ingredient near the surface to inhibit growth. This also controls herbicide movement vertically and laterally on site, supporting an environmental approach. Elite Barren is added to the tank mix at low dosages making the active ingredient last longer and be more effective!

After the fourth rain event, the addition of Elite Barren has kept Prowl®H2O on top of the soil where it can be effective in preventing weeds from growing.

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Sustainable pesticide program

Adding Elite Barren to your application not only ensures the maximum result in keeping your bareground sites free from weeds; it also supports good land stewardship improving deposition and reducing leaching.

sustainable pesticide

Start with a smart adjuvant

Managing vegetation on your sites can get expensive if pesticides do not deliver what they promise or get onto areas where they should not be. The best way to maximize your pesticide value is by using an effective adjuvant like Elite Barren to make sure your herbicide gets to the desired place and keeps it in place for an extended amount of time.

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