Protect Your Expensive Pine Seedlings with a Herbicide Site Preparation Treatment

One of the most important silvicultural activities in growing pine timber is choosing a good site preparation. This site preparation activity should control the unwanted vegetation that will compete with the pines seedlings as they are trying to establish themselves on your sites. This treatment should always be done prior to planting. Choosing a good herbicide site preparation treatment is one of the best and most economical ways of reducing or eliminating unwanted vegetation so your seedlings have an opportunity to not just survive but have an unrestricted growing opportunity.

The Competition

The first two years in the life of the pine seedling are very important, they will struggle against hardwoods, native pine and shrubs for moisture and sunlight. This competing vegetation may already have an established root system and will outcompete your pine seedlings as soon as temperatures begin warming in the spring.

The Solution

You can expect a huge return on your investment from a quality herbicide site preparation treatment. There are a wide variety of forestry herbicides and application methods to choose from, so it is important that you get a custom herbicide prescription for your property to identify the vegetation that needs to be controlled, the timing of the herbicide application, and the actual application method. Red River Specialties team of Forestry Area Managers stand ready to be your trusted advisor and to assist you at this stage of decision making.

Ground mechanical applications are usually done with a skidder or tractor that has been designed or modified for forestry application. They are typically fitted with a spray tank, a GPS guidance system, and have a spray system and boom that can professionally and safely apply forestry herbicides to your site. These machines typically have a 40-60 foot coverage area or swath. This type application is a great choice for applying forestry herbicides in sensitive areas, irregular shape areas, or where unique herbicide mixtures might be needed.

Ground hand applications typically use backpack sprayers worn by multiple workers on site to apply forestry herbicides to control unwanted vegetation. This method is great for applying forestry herbicide to sensitive areas or irregular shaped areas that may not be conducive for mechanical applications or aerial applications. The backpack sprayer method can also be used to apply a banded herbicide treatment over newly planted seedlings or spot controlling unwanted vegetation.

Drone aerial application method was used for the first time in forestry in 2020, but on a very limited basis. It is new to the forestry herbicide application market but may prove useful on certain sites in the years to come.

Helicopter aerial application is a method of applying forestry herbicides with a helicopter with a spray system. The pilot and his ground crew are trained, licensed, and experienced in the handling, mixing, and applying of forestry herbicides. The helicopter has a GPS guidance system and a drift control spray boom that allows a precision spray swath. The coverage area or swath is typically 40-60 feet. This method has been used successfully for decades in forestry herbicide applications. This method can also be very cost effective as well as productive.

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Please allow Red River Specialties to be your trusted advisor and to provide custom herbicide prescriptions for your sites. We can help you identify the unwanted vegetation that should be controlled, choose the right forestry herbicide mix, schedule the correct timing of applications, and choose the right application method. Red River Specialties has a team of forestry Area Managers with many years of experience to assist you and to professionally manage your herbicide site preparation applications. Please remember to always read and follow the herbicide label when applying herbicides.

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