Don’t let your newly planted trees get in a bind!
Protect them with Chemical Site Prep

There IS a sweet spot when it comes to controlling the vegetation that competes against newly planted trees. The time between when pines have been harvested, and before they are replanted, is when you need to strike. Chemical Site Preparation is the most important silviculture practice you can do for your trees.

The Competition

The first two years in the life of the seedling are crucial as they can struggle to compete for moisture and available sunlight from residual hardwood, pine, shrubs (especially waxy leafed shrubs), weeds, and annual / perennial grasses. These competing species already have their root systems established, and are actively competing with your seedling as soon as temperatures warm in the spring. Applying a chemical site preparation treatment before planting is critical to your stand’s survival and will pay huge dividends in growth benefits.

Chemical Site Prep

The Solution

There are a wide variety of herbicides and application techniques to choose from, so it is very important that you get a custom prescription on your land to identify what species you need to control. Red River Specialties has some options for you:

Ground Mechanical applications are usually done with a modified log skidder. These are fitted with a 400-800 gallon steel tank, GPS Guidance system, and have a boomless spray pattern that covers 50-60 feet. It is good to use in sensitive areas or irregular shape tracts.

Ground Hand Labor application uses backpack sprayers to prep the site. This is good for small tracts, irregular shaped areas, and sensitive areas adjacent to the treatment area.

The Drone Aerial application method was used for the first time in 2020, but on a very limited basis. It proves useful on very small tracts that are expensive to move large equipment to.

Rotorcraft Aerial application is applied by helicopter with precision droplet booms and GPS guidance. This method has been used widely for decades for most forestry broadcast applications. It is very cost effective.

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Contact us today to preform a custom prescription of your land. We can help you to identify what species need to be controlled as well as the right application option for you. Let our seasoned experts take the guess work out of Chemical Site Preparation for you.

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