Red River is the exclusive North American Distributor for Solvay which has a wide range of specialty co-formulants for enhancing pesticide use and delivery include emulsifiers and solvents for emulsifiable concentrates and aqueous emulsions, dispersants and wetting agents for suspension concentrates, water-dispersible granules, wettable powders, and adjuvants for soluble liquid concentrates. A range of specialty additives are also available for suspoemulsions, and tank-mix adjuvants.

Through new developments in technology, Solvay offers more effective and more environmentally friendly agricultural adjuvants, a new generation of polymeric dispersants and solvents and low-foam wetting agents, and high-efficiency emulsifiers.

Crop Protection

  • Pioneer in AgroChemical formulation design
  • Inventor of Soprophor®, industry-leading standard in dispersing/wetting agents
  • Leader in green solvent innovations thanks to Rhodiasolv®

Fertilizer Protection

  • Innovative and sustainable formulation of urease and nitrification inhibitors AgRHO N-Protect®

Tank Mix Adjuvants

  • Ready-to-use drift-control tank mix
  • Expert in guar-based formulations
  • Inventor of natural guar polymer for off-target movement control

Seed Care

  • Inventor in breakthrough, non-living seed biostimulant, AgRHO® S-BOOST
  • Investor in the future of seed treatment solutions

Red River Specialties has the technical experts that will work with you to help find the perfect solution from Solvay for your AgroChemical formulation challenges. Contact us today!

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