Control Over 140 Weeds with TerraVue™️

TerraVue™ herbicide is proven to work harder than most other herbicides on the market today by controlling more than 140 broadleaf weeds and brush species, all while offering the industry’s most favorable environmental profile. TerraVue is also powered by Rinskor® active, a reduced risk herbicide that won the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Challenge award.

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Hybrid High-Load (HHL) Technology

HHL technology creates a water dispersible granule with highly desirable attributes. It mixes easily with other tank additives and does not plug nozzles. It’s Hybrid because it is composed of mixed parts. You will have a High-Load because each granule contains over 75% active ingredient. See the proof in this low use rate product below!

Terravue Outperforms Milestone

Peace of Mind with TerraVue

By combining two reduced risk herbicides, TerraVue is a non-volatile herbicide that is safe on grass and many beneficial forbs. Applicators will appreciate the low odor and if this is being applied around livestock, there are no grazing restrictions. Apply and enjoy the benefits!

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