Create an Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer with Enrich N-Surance

Do you use urea or urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) fertilizer for your pre-plant, side-dress, or surface applications? If so, consider creating your own Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer by adding Enrich N-Surance to your mix and protect urea and UAN from volatilization loss.

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What Causes Volatilization Loss?

The loss that happens after urea is applied at or near the surface, and before sufficient rain occurs, is what we are trying to prevent. The urease enzyme starts breaking urea down, releasing ammonia gas. N-Surance nitrogen stabilizer blocks the urease enzyme allowing time for rain or water to take the fertilizer into the soil during the first critical weeks.

Up to 25% Faster Blending

During the rush of the season, getting more fertilizer through the blending plant is critical. N-Surance nitrogen stabilizer is one tool you can use to speed up the blending process.

  • Cold weather applications are easier with low viscosity PENXCEL Technology in N-Surance
  • Product will penetrate deeper into the prill
  • Coats 25% faster and more consistent than industry standards
Enrich N-Surance for Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer

Penetrates Deeper

20% a.i. performance as good as the standard brands with 26.7% a.i. or 30 a.i.

Difficult conditions amplify product performance differences

Protect Your N-Vestment

Enrich N-Surance helps create an efficient nitrogen source for all crops, turf, and forestry. With faster blending, better handling, field performance that excels under tough conditions, and the rest of the benefits of PENXCEL technology, you can count on N-Surance to protect your nitrogen investment.

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