Custom Blending 101

Do you ever wonder if you are wasting money, product, time, and more by mixing your own custom blends of chemicals? Or even worse, do you trust that the person making the mixture for you is doing it accurately? The most expensive application is the one that fails to accomplish the purpose for which it is applied. Are you willing to take that financial and legal risk?

We Make Custom Blending Easy!

Red River Specialties has partnered with Eco-Pak to make ordering custom blends of our products easy and affordable. Gone are the days of inaccurate field mixing. Make the most out of your spray operation by saving time and resources and do what you came to do, spray.

custom blending chemicals

The Feel Good Choice

  • Reduce landfill waste by using Returnable/Refillable (R/R) Closed Loop Containers.
  • Control your inventory costs by only ordering what you need for each job.
  • Save numerous man hours of triple rinsing and disposing of empties when using R/R containers.*
  • Custom blend samples are kept by Eco-Pak for 3+ years. This allows you to go back and test your mixes if required to clear yourself from customer complaints.
  • And more added benefits!

Ready to try it out?

We are ready to help! Simply place the order with us and we will work with Eco-Pak to fill your custom solution today. Eco-Pak will even pick up the empties, no need to triple rinse*! Reduce employee exposure and make the easy choice, custom blend with Red River and Eco-Pak.

*Triple Rinse statement does not apply to 5 gallon cubes

Have Questions? We’re here to help!

Red River Specialties, an Azelis company, has experienced representatives that can help you make the right decision for your land management objectives. We are ready to provide you with a safe and effective solution.

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