Avoid Costly Re-Sprays with Elite Champion

Using a surfactant that doesn’t meet manufacturers’ label requirements can void warranties and result in costly re-sprays. When you use Elite Champion, the best nonionic surfactant in the industry, it significantly improves the efficacy of an herbicide application at a fraction of the cost vs. increasing herbicide rates.

Improve Efficacy with Elite Champion

Perfect for all types of applications

Elite Champion is a concentrated environmentally friendly surfactant that is excellent in the forestry, rights of way, utility, aquatic, agriculture, and turf markets. This proprietary blend is our usual choice for mixture with brush control herbicides, in particular glyphosate products. It is also effective in a wide variety of other situations.

Increase your chances by 35%

An application of Glyphosate at 2 lbs. per acre and Elite Champion at .5% per volume was sprayed, increasing mortality by 35% over using Glyphosate by itself. The leaf shows wetting, penetration, and sticking of the application. This is what makes Elite Champion formula unique.

Elite Champion

Guaranteed Results

By simply adding Elite Champion to your herbicide application, your herbicides get taken up to the next level when it comes to results.

  • Offers a low foaming formulation for simpler mixing and faster load times.
  • Enables better herbicide performance in difficult environmental conditions such as drought.
  • Includes a full aquatic label for surface and submerged applications.
  • Provides compatibility with a wide variety of pesticide applications.

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