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When spraying a pesticide, the active ingredient must hit the target site to enable the active ingredient to achieve its intended goal. The right amount of deposition helps to optimize pesticide efficacy and discourage pesticide resistance. Spray application technology is affected by many factors. Still, it has to deliver the right size spray droplet with the active ingredient to the plant. The recommended size range of the spray droplets and how they deposit on the target depends on the tank mix’s chemical properties, the sprayer equipment and settings, and external factors. The right adjuvant can create the right size droplets mitigating all those factors.

Get the full potential with Elite Velocity

Size Matters

Every pesticide has a recommended droplet size on its label for optimal efficacy. If the droplets’ size range is not right, the drops are too large or too small; you waste time, product, and money. An adjuvant can help you create the right droplet for proper deposition and reducing drift for each pesticide. Elite Velocity is a drift control agent and deposition aid that optimizes particle sizes for most active ingredients.

Droplet Size Chart

Every pesticide has recommendations for spray particle sizes on its labels.  The most common size falls in the medium to coarse categories.

Reduce Chemical Trespass

Droplet size, distance to the target, and wind speeds are essential factors influencing off-site pesticide movement. Small droplets easily move off-target by wind, float longer increasing their drift, and evaporate faster than larger droplets. Large droplets are more likely to reach the plant but are more prone to bounce and runoff, reducing pesticide efficacy. The right adjuvant can help you create the right droplet for proper deposition and drift reduction. Elite Velocity is an easy-to-use drift control agent and deposition aid that optimizes spray droplet size for most active ingredients.

Elite Velocity

Elite Velocity is an adjuvant that creates an optimum spray droplet size that improves deposition and reduces drift. It is compatible with most active ingredient tank mixes. Thanks to the composition of Elite Velocity,  pump shear is neglectable, making it a worry-free and easy-to-use application management additive no matter what sprayer equipment you use, guaranteeing greater pesticide success. Elite Velocity improves pesticide deposition by maximizing the number of spray droplets within the ideal size range for drift reduction and canopy penetration.

Wind Tunnel Atomization Trial
University of Nebraska, 2013

  • Nozzle Type: XR 11003
  • Wind Speed: 15 mph
  • Pump Pressure: 43.5 psi

Volume Median Diameter

Elite Velocity comparison chart

Elite Velocity stands out compared to other drift reducing adjuvants with limited impact of pump shear and therefore reducing off-target drift, even under breezy conditions.

Easy-to-use Elite Velocity makes sure that your active ingredient hits targets.


  • Elite Velocity is compatible with most active ingredient tank mixes
  • Drift control that enhances canopy penetration and uptake of actives
  • Reduces off-target drift reducing chemical trespass
  • Emulsion technology that limits the impact of pump shear on droplet formation
  • Reduces drift and improves deposition without the use of polymers or lecithin

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