Services Available

Red River Specialties offers unparalleled value to our customers with Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) and Aquatic services:

  • Training from our experts, from the classroom to the field, including CEUs
  • Prescription writing to select the precise chemistry to solve your problems
  • On-site inspections to ensure the proper application method and prescription
  • Recommendations for professional applicators, plus job oversight and management from start to finish
  • Water testing for proper ph and hardness levels to ensure successful applications
  • Recycling and disposal of used containers
  • Partnership and support from quality manufacturers, such as Dow AgroSciences, BASF, Bayer, Monsanto, NuFarm and others


2021 Herbicide Applicators Recertification Class 1, February 12
2021 Herbicide Applicators Recertification Class 2, February 19