Maximize Productivity with Pasture and Hay Fertilization

In the fifteenth century Gabriel Bell said, “You get what you pay for”. Now, who was Gabriel Bell and what does he have to do with fertility of land? The answer is, nothing! What is still true today is the phrase he coined a long time ago. We all want to maximize the productivity of the acres we have available for the least amount of money. Here are a few pointers to keep your production and quality at its best, with value in mind.

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Why do we fertilize?

That is a complex question with many correct answers.

Common Answer 1: To Maximize Production

Most pastures and hay meadows are fertilized to maximize production. Your grass growth can be greatly impacted by the correct application at the right time. Here, you can see the tonnage increase as we apply nitrogen to our grass.

maximize hay production

Common Answer 2: To Increase Forage Quality

Whether you are grazing, feeding hay to your own livestock or growing grass to sell, quality should be a high priority for you. We feed livestock for production. You might be looking for weight gain, milk production or overall herd health from your hay or pasture grass.  None of these will be as successful with a poor-quality forage.

Common Answer 3: To Increase Vigor

By keeping a solid fertility game plan on your farm adds another key point and that is, increased vigor.  Years ago, before we had the arsenal of herbicides we have today to control unwanted weeds, fertility was the main defender.  Even with the best chemical attack we cannot do without fertility. Growing a strong and dense stand of grass will do an amazing job of crowding out the unwanted.

Most of all of the improved varieties of grass we grow today were introduced at some point to your area, and without proper care they will thin out allowing competition to move in.

The Importance of Fertility

You get what you pay for. Fertilizer is a large input to your farm, but without it you could lose your investment. Your quality and quantity is definitely at risk without your action. Start with a good soil sample to figure out what your soil needs. Then create your goals to figure out how much and how often to apply. Take care of the land that takes care of you. It is the one thing that they are not making any more of.

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