Mid-Rotation Release: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Do you want a gift that keeps on giving? If so, give your timber investment a mid-rotation pine release! After your pine stand has been thinned the first or second time in the south with our long growing seasons and rich soil, it’s going to grow something! As the sunlight can now reach the forest floor, let’s make sure that something that is growing is your pine trees!

Mid-Rotation – The Timeline

To accomplish a mid-rotation pine release, you need to control the understory of undesirable hardwood vegetation and briars. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways via aerial, skidder, and drone applications. We recommend Chopper GEN 2Arsenal ACEscort XP, or Garlon XRT to get the job done. These need to be applied within 1-2 1/2 years post thin for optimum results.

mid-rotation pine release

As far as the “gift that keeps on giving” goes, this means the pine stand will often reap the benefits of this treatment for the rest of its life of that stand. While fertilizer applications can initiate rapid growth right after treatment, it tends to run out of steam in 4-5 years. A herbicide treatment will continue to accelerate growth for 8-15 years, whereas the stand is reaching final harvest often before that. Commonly, pulpwood stands to develop into saw logs in just a few years.

Mid-Rotation – Other Benefits

This is also commonly used in wildlife management to develop quail and turkey habitats. The longleaf initiative, as well as the red cockheaded woodpecker habitat, is maintained or created with the treatments. In addition, foresters can cruise, and stakeholders can access the land because of the reduced unwanted vegetation, thus adding value to the property.

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