Are you looking for ONE adjuvant that optimizes the efficacy of your pesticides in many ways?

Elite Divine is your adjuvant of choice. Elite Divine is a multifunctional tank mix partner that improves the coverage on target surfaces, increases penetration through leaf surfaces, and enhances pesticide stability. Elite Divine’s multifunctional properties improve:

  • Spreading
  • Penetration
  • pH Buffering
  • Drift Control
  • Deposition
Optimize my Pesticide

Optimize Pesticide Coverage

Elite Divine contains a high-quality surfactant that delivers above industry-standard spreading and penetration. Additionally, the included drift control and deposition improve coverage ensuring that the active reaches the target area effectively. With Elite Divine in your tank mix, your pesticide will get where it needs to be.

Maintain Efficacy

This multi-tasking adjuvant conditions the spray water to help prevent the rapid breakdown of pH sensitive pesticides. It maintains the performance of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foliar nutrients, and plant growth regulators.

Easy, Convenient, and Safe to Use

Elite Divine includes an effective antifoam to ensure easy mixing of all ingredients and proper distribution during spraying. Elite Divine is NPE-free, aquatic approved, and works with a broad range of water-soluble or water-dispersable actives.

Elite Divine Has Low Use Rates for Every Application

Need to ensure your pesticide does its job? Elite Divine delivers!

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