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Now offering: Contactless Curbside Pickup

Red River Specialties, LLC takes the health of our customers and employees very seriously, but still wants to guarantee that you receive the same superior customer service. To ensure everyone gets the product they need and stays safe we are now offering “contactless curbside pickup”. Please contact your local warehouse. We will process your order and load it in your vehicle without you even needing to get out of your vehicle.Thank you for your business and stay healthy.

Elite Amplify


Elite Amplify

Active Ingredients: 90% Proprietary mixture of surfactants, buffering agents and dimethylpolysiloxane

Markets: Forestry, IVM/Aquatic, Range, Pasture & Weed,


Manufacturer: Red River Specialties

Elite Amplify


Packaging: 2 x 2.5 gal jug case
other sizes also available via custom order

Package Sizes Available Online: 2.5 gallons

For other quantity options or questions, please contact your local Red River Specialties Sales Rep or email


ELITE AMPLIFY is a highly-concentrated, low-foam spreader-activator that contains a buffering agent and nonionic surfactant. Elite Amplify increases the activity and effectiveness of pesticides, by increasing wetting and causing a more uniform distribution on the leaf surface, as well as by improving the retention of the spray on the plant surface. The buffering agent contained in ELITE AMPLIFY lowers the pH of the spray solution.


  • Highly loaded activator adjuvant that increases the biological efficacy of agrichemicals
  • Increases the area that an active pesticide will cover on a target, allowing more pesticide to enter the target faster, leading to quicker and more complete control
  • Low foaming, leading to faster mix times