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Now offering: Contactless Curbside Pickup

Red River Specialties, LLC takes the health of our customers and employees very seriously, but still wants to guarantee that you receive the same superior customer service. To ensure everyone gets the product they need and stays safe we are now offering “contactless curbside pickup”. Please contact your local warehouse. We will process your order and load it in your vehicle without you even needing to get out of your vehicle.Thank you for your business and stay healthy.

Elite Secure Ultra


Elite Secure Ultra

Active Ingredients: 35% Polymers and other active ingredients

Markets: Forestry, IVM/Aquatic, Range, Pasture & Weed,

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Manufacturer: Red River Specialties

Elite Secure Ultra


Packaging: 12 x 1 qt case
4 x 1 gal case

Package Sizes Available Online: 1 qt

Product Literature


Elite Secure Ultra is an effective, easy-to-use adjuvant for deposition improvement and drift retardation in spraying operations. Elite Secure Ultra is designed for general use in standard ground and aerial applications and is fully compatible with a wide variety of spray configurations including those with new A.I. and other specialized drift reduction nozzles. Further, Elite Secure Ultra is compatible in tank mix applications with a broad spectrum of crop protection pesticides, including the complete range of all branded and generic glyphosate formulations.


  • Drift control agent that helps reduce the number of spray droplets from drifting away from the target
  • Deposition aid that improves the ability of agrichemical sprays to deposit on the targeted surface
  • Low use rate liquid that allows the use of as much as 32 times less material than a traditional solution polyacrylamide or lecithin blend

For other quantity options or questions, please contact your local Red River Specialties Sales Rep or email [email protected]