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Now offering: Contactless Curbside Pickup

Red River Specialties, LLC takes the health of our customers and employees very seriously, but still wants to guarantee that you receive the same superior customer service. To ensure everyone gets the product they need and stays safe we are now offering “contactless curbside pickup”. Please contact your local warehouse. We will process your order and load it in your vehicle without you even needing to get out of your vehicle.Thank you for your business and stay healthy.

Garlon 3A


Garlon 3A

Active Ingredients: Triclopyr

Markets: Forestry, IVM/Aquatic,


Manufacturer: Corteva

Garlon 3A


Packaging: 2.5 gal
15 gallon SVR
30 gal

Package Sizes Available Online: 2.5 gallons

Product Literature


Garlon 3A herbicide provides superior woody plant and broadleaf weed control while maintaining the integrity of roadsides or rights-of-way. It’s the ideal solution for controlling unwanted weeds, brush and trees beneath electrical power lines; along railroad beds, roadsides and pipelines; and in forestry and wildlife openings, including grazed areas on these sites.

Mowing and trimming remain important parts of any vegetation maintenance program. But mechanical maintenance alone cannot protect these areas adequately. Besides being very labor-intensive, mechanical methods can cause soil compaction that can lead to soil erosion. In addition, fl ailing blades and moving parts pose a danger to employees, livestock and wildlife.

Mowing brush tends to cause the plants to respond by sending out multiple resprouts — the plant’s natural defense to the cutting. This only worsens the vegetation problem.

In some cases, mechanical methods quite simply cannot be used. Steep terrain may limit access by mowers, and in the case of railroads and substations, their crushed-stone construction makes mechanical weed control impossible.

Garlon 3A controls unwanted brush and eliminates resprouting. Because of this improved control, crews and heavy machinery visit the area less frequently, meaning less impact on property near yours.


  • Controls a broad spectrum of woody brush and broadleaf weeds
  • Formulated for direct foliar applications
  • Injection for selective conifer release and hardwood timber stand improvement
  • Nonvolatile amine formulation
  • Label allows for applications to emerged weeds and brush in standing water or on banks and shores of lakes and ponds associated with production forestry tracts (No fishing, swimming, or domestic livestock restrictions)
  • Tank-mix compatibility (as directed on label)
  • Garlon 3A is rainfast within two hours
  • Available in returnable, refillable containers through Continuum™ Prescription Control & Container Management System

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