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Now offering: Contactless Curbside Pickup

Red River Specialties, LLC takes the health of our customers and employees very seriously, but still wants to guarantee that you receive the same superior customer service. To ensure everyone gets the product they need and stays safe we are now offering “contactless curbside pickup”. Please contact your local warehouse. We will process your order and load it in your vehicle without you even needing to get out of your vehicle.Thank you for your business and stay healthy.

Karmex DF


Karmex DF

Active Ingredients: 80% Diuron

Markets: IVM/Aquatic,


Manufacturer: Makhteshim-Agan of North America, Inc.

Karmex DF


Packaging: 5 lb bag
25 lb bags

Package Sizes Available Online: 5lb

This product is not registered in and cannot be shipped to : AK, LA, WI, VT, NH, CT, RI

Product Literature


Karmex DF is a long term non-selective herbicide for control of most annual and some perennial weeds and can be used for selective weed control in established apples, grapes, kiwifruit and asparagus. It is a dispersible granule to be mixed with water and applied as a spray for selective control of weeds in certain crops and for non-selective weed control on non-cropland areas . It is non-corrosive to equipment, non-flammable, and non-volatile. Karmex DF is a phenyl-urea herbicide and acts by inhibiting photosynthesis. It is only slightly soluble in water and is absorbed through the foliage and roots.

Karmex DF is a water dispersible granule (WG) that is to be mixed with water and applied as a spray for selective control of weeds in certain crops and for nonselective control of weeds in non-crop areas. This WG may be applied to the soil prior to emergence of the weeds to prevent emergence. Moisture is required to activate the product. Best results are obtained if rainfall occurs within two weeks of application.


  • Karmex DF is a time tested and consistently reliable herbicide for citrus and over 20 other crops.
  • Long-term residual activity to control wide range of tough grasses and broadleaf weeds.
  • Application flexibility allows both pre and post emergence.
  • Perfect tank mix partner to provide consistency and broaden control spectrum.
  • Great economic value maximizing return on investment.

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