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Now offering: Contactless Curbside Pickup

Red River Specialties, LLC takes the health of our customers and employees very seriously, but still wants to guarantee that you receive the same superior customer service. To ensure everyone gets the product they need and stays safe we are now offering “contactless curbside pickup”. Please contact your local warehouse. We will process your order and load it in your vehicle without you even needing to get out of your vehicle.Thank you for your business and stay healthy.

Stalker Herbicide


Stalker Herbicide

Active Ingredients: 27.6% Isopropylamine salt of Imazapyr

Markets: Forestry, IVM/Aquatic, Range, Pasture & Weed,


Manufacturer: BASF

Stalker Herbicide


Packaging: 1 qt bottle
30 gal

Package Sizes Available Online: 1qt

This product is not registered in and cannot be shipped to : AK

Product Literature


Stalker herbicide gives you outstanding, reliable control of brush with basal bark applications and cut stump/surface applications. Tank-mix Stalker herbicide with triclopyr herbicide and you’ll achieve broad-spectrum, consistent control that you can’t get with other herbicides. You’ll achieve piece of mind knowing that you have a proven combination at work for you.

Stalker herbicide minimizes resprouting so you don’t need to re-treat. With triclopyr alone, a single application may not be enough. But with Stalker in the mix, one treatment is usually all it takes to achieve long-lasting control. In fact, Stalker in your tank mix gives you complete control of difficult-to-manage species as well as species that triclopyr alone can’t control.

Using Stalker herbicide will not only reduce your overall costs, it will increase the consistency of the control you achieve. And because it uses an oil-based carrier, it’s perfectly suited for winter-season, basal and cut stump applications, so you’ll get outstanding, dormant-season control. Plus, you can keep crews on the job year-round so you won’t waste time and money on layoffs, rehiring and training.

Because Stalker is so effective at low-volume application, the tank mix cuts the active ingredient applied by up to 34% when compared to treating with triclopyr alone. So you get more control with less chemical load on the environment.

In addition, the active ingredient in Stalker herbicide binds with an enzyme found only in plants – not in humans, animals, birds, insects or fish – to inhibit the amino acids essential for plant growth. By selectively eliminating undesirable vegetation and releasing plants that serve as a food source for wildlife, Stalker helps promote the growth of wildlife habitats.

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