Alabama Hay Grower Raises Cleaner Hay with New Herbicide

Quality matters to eastern Alabama hay grower Mahlon Richburg. The retired ag teacher raises Angus cattle and sells hay to horse customers from his farm in Lee County. Four years ago, a new herbicide caught his eye during a test plot tour. When it became available, he used a demonstration sample to control crabgrass on his farm. See why the new mode of action is the solution he’s been waiting for.

Raise Hay Quality and Your Reputation with Rezilon (Indaziflam) Herbicide

Powered by an innovative active ingredient, Rezilon herbicide targets broadleaf and annual grass weeds in established bermudagrass. By eliminating weeds, Rezilon herbicide also helps to increase fertilizer and water utilization in hay and forage production. In fact, when applied according to label directions, producers could see a higher-quality forage produced during their first cutting.

herbicide for weeds

Overall, the herbicide controls more than 60 broadleaf and annual grass weeds, including species that have developed herbicide resistance, such as ryegrass. Using Rezilon herbicide as directed also reduces the time and money hay growers would otherwise need to spend on additional herbicide applications.

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