Improve the Health of your Soil with Soil Testing

Soil tests are an important part of a successful lawn and garden maintenance program. A proper soil test provides the information you need to cost-effectively maximize the level of nutrients in your soil through a managed fertilizer program.


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Once your soil is tested, we will provide a customized treatment plan based on the test results. Follow these simple steps to take a proper soil sample for optimal test results. All you will need is a bucketshovel, and a bag.

  1. Use shovel to dig an even layer from 8″ deep to the top profile of the soil.
  2. Take samples from 3-4 areas of your land to ensure an accurate measurement.
  3. Combine all of the samples into the bucket and mix well.
  4. Once mixed, fill up your bag with a quart of the soil.
  5. Contact your local representative to get it tested.
soil testing

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Red River Specialties has experienced representatives all over the country that are ready to set you up with a custom treatment plan. So go out there, dig that dirt, and let’s get your land in optimum shape together!

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