Rancher Have Spent Generations Fighting Brush

Invora® herbicide doesn’t just stunt brush growth – it stops it for the long haul. Pairing this next-generation herbicide with the precision technology of RangeView™ gives you guaranteed control. When used together, Invora and RangeView help you eliminate mesquite and huisache so nutritious forage can thrive. It’s all backed by Bayer’s five-year performance guarantee.

Invora + RangeView

It’s time to invest in the long haul.

Invora herbicide

Don’t just stunt brush growth. Stop it.

  • Recoup your investment after four years on average
  • Enjoy 10+ years of mesquite control* and 5+ years of huisache control*
  • Restore nutritious forage

RangeView digital ranching platform

You’ve never seen your land like this before.

  • Assess canopy cover
  • Get a customized Invora treatment plan
  • Achieve guaranteed results for five years

*Average results based on trial research. Individual results may vary depending on management practices and growing conditions.

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