Superior Penetration – When it Matters the Most

The true goal of any surfactant is to provide a superior penetration into the target plant. This is especially important when trying to control invasive plants – like bush honeysuckle and autumn olive trees.

It is also important late in the summer, when plants are under stress from heat or drought conditions. Methylated Seed Oil (MSO) is an excellent choice to move herbicides into the plants vascular system to control the target plant. So, what is the deposition aid you should be choosing? Elite Pine Away is a multifunctional spray adjuvant developed as a penetrating surfactant concentrate and sticker/spreader with wetting, penetrating, and coating characteristics.

A Consolidated Choice

By choosing Elite Pine Away, you can reduce the number of products you have to mix because it is two surfactants in one. It also has a low 1% use rate and is very cost effective. So, while you are deciding how to best stay on target when you apply herbicides, add this to your list of must haves.

Elite Pine Away $103.50

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