Water Quality can Make or Break your Herbicide Program

As you may or may not know, water is the largest component of most spray mixes. The quality of your water has a huge impact on the success of your application. We would like to make sure your water quality does not hurt your herbicide program.

Improve your Herbicide

Do you have…

  1. Water with a pH level that is not suitable for your selected herbicide applications?
  2. A broad range of herbicides that gets used in your programs?
  3. Hard water or water full of minerals?
  4. Regularly clogged equipment?
  5. A need to make the most cost-efficient and effective spray application possible?

If you have any of these issues, we recommend adding Elite Imperial water conditioner to your spray tank to rectify the situation.

water quality for herbicides

The sulfate from Elite Imperial binds with the hard water minerals. Ammonium helps transport glyphosate into the leaf, where it can kill the weed. 

Elite Imperial Delivers

  1. Elite Imperial contains a blend of water conditioning agents that lowers and holds the pH levels steady so that you can optimize your tank pH for your herbicide of choice.
  2. Elite Imperial works well with many herbicides. When the active ingredient label asks for ammonium sulfate, Elite Imperial can be used.
  3. Elite Imperial contains ammonium sulfate (AMS) that ensures herbicide efficacy in two ways (see image above):
    1. Sequesters hard water ions that inactivate pesticide functionality. Elite Imperial makes your application effective.
    2. Aids fast uptake of the pesticide into the weed, making it work quicker.
  4. Elite Imperial sequesters hard water minerals and prevents deposits that easily clog equipment.
  5. Elite Imperial offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective, low-use rate when compared to AMS and other water conditioners. It is also much easier to store, handle, and mix.
Before and after Elite Imperial

Is your water quality impacting your herbicide control program? Contact your RRSI representative now or order conveniently online!

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