Trying to Time a Herbicide Application? Wait no Longer with Elite Pinnacle.

Are you ready to feel confident that the herbicide you are applying will not require a re-spray? Use Elite Pinnacle concentrated surfactant to maximize the wetting and penetration of the herbicide’s active ingredient in a target surface area. Elite Pinnacle results in an effective herbicide application the first time, every time – even in extreme weather conditions.

Weatherproof your Application with Elite Pinnacle

Is it for me?

Elite Pinnacle is designed as a tank mix additive for use with any pesticide that requires or recommends the use of an oil. It may be used for aquatic or terrestrial applications such as agricultural crops, forestry, industrial, right-of-way, pasture, rangeland, and turf. Elite Pinnacle meets ASTM standards, and all pesticide manufacturer’s label requirements, for a modified vegetable oil or MSO.

elite pinnacle

A Premium MSO Adjuvant

Adding Elite Pinnacle to an herbicide application is guaranteed to improve results:

  • Blends liquid vegetable oil concentrate and organosilicone surfactant to quickly wet the target surface.
  • Facilitates permeation into waxy, weather-hardened cuticles, to carry the actives rapidly to the mode of action site.
  • Performs under difficult field conditions, such as periods of low relative humidity and temperature extremes.
  • Improves rain-fastness by quickly transporting the active ingredient through the cuticle, enhancing the herbicide’s ability to withstand rainfall and increasing the efficacy of the application.
  • Use up to 10 times less adjuvant as compared to a traditional MSO.

If you are ready to employ lower spray volumes into your herbicide application, then now is the time to try Elite Pinnacle. Check it out to see all the herbicides we recommend using it with!

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