If you’ve got weeds, you’re in the right place to control them. Before we can make the best recommendation for your specific weed control program, there are some questions we’ll ask you, including:

  • What are your program goals?
  • Will you be applying the product yourself or hiring an applicator?
  • If you’re doing it yourself, do you have a Restricted Use license?
  • How big is your pasture?

Assessing your site for weeds – and more!

Our first step in determining the best weed control program to fit your needs is to complete a site assessment. What’s around your property can be almost as important as what’s on your property when deciding on the best control measures. Here are some of the factors we consider during a site assessment:

  • Is there a greenhouse next door? Is there a garden or row crops on your property line? We want to be sure we don’t damage any desirable plants.
  • Have you sprayed before? What did you spray and what was the outcome?
  • Have you planted summer or winter annuals on the pasture, or do you plan to plant later this year?
  • Do you have weeds accompanied by thinning strands of desirable forage? This indicates to us it may need to be fertilized.
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Where the green grass grows

After we consider these factors, we determine which weeds and brush are present and need to be controlled. The herbicide regime we select must control what you see, and also what you don’t see. Sometimes, when you control one thing, another more problematic weed or brush species takes its place. And, we can’t forget that growing grass is the ultimate goal!

Expectations and timing of weed control regimes

Once we understand your goals, we discuss your expectations. We can’t control mother nature and we won’t be able to solve your problems with just one application, rather we will most likely need to repeat the application later this year or next. Keep in mind there’s a large seed bank and weeds will most likely grow back. We need a plan for today and for the future.

The timing of the application is another significant consideration. If it’s too late in the season to perform an application, we may recommend waiting until the following year. The weeds have done their damage for this year and spraying may be a waste of time and money. Along the same lines, you may need to wait another month or two for better control. This may be particularly true with brush control.

It’s very important to understand that it may take time to see results. And, in the meantime, we generally tell people not to spray weeds for at least one month and don’t cut brush for at least one year after you’ve sprayed.

weed control seasons

As you can see, there’s much more involved in a successful weed control program than just selecting and applying an herbicide. Please let us help you make your herbicide application as successful as possible! Watch our video for more information, and contact us if you need help controlling weeds in your pasture.

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