Tips to Help with Yaupon Control

Yaupon is one of the most prolific weed species we have in southern forests and it is very difficult to control. Because of this, we have compiled some tips to help you get better control!

Spray when the plants are thigh high to head high, they are a lot harder to control when they are 10 feet tall.

If you can do a prescribed fire 2 years after the herbicide application, it will help with the control. If you do it the first year following the application, the fire tends to get hotter than the pines like. And if you can continue to use fire every 3-5 years, you can almost eliminate it!

The product mix that shows the best results is:

*Imazapyr + Garlon XRT + Escort XP

And don’t forget to use a quality surfactant!

*Imazapyr products we recommend are Chopper GEN 2 & Arsenal AC

If you have a wet site that you will pull beds on before planting, you can apply Imazapyr plus Escort XP to the exposed soil the bedding plow creates. The combination of the tillage and the herbicide treatment works very well.

We hope these tips will help in your quest to ward off the stubborn yaupon weed. Our Area Managers are always available to answer any questions you may have.

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